Thursday, 11 April 2013

DIY: Lace Transparent Clutch

 As people may have figured out that I have a thing for transparent perspex, resin, pvc shoes etc. So this clutch idea was the inevitable next step. My idea came from Simone Rocha's collection that I have blogged about in the past here. Through research I found two blogs that gave great tutorial on how to DIY their transparent clutch. The first is Monoxious, this one is fast, easy and effortless. There is absolutely NO sewing required. The second one is a pair & a spare, you will need more tools for this but they have template which is handy.

Samira Boon “Furoshiki Shiki” Clutch

And now my version of the transparent clutch. I decide to do a lace trap to make it a bit more unique. You can use any type of colour or patten you like to make it your own. Where you place the lace is also up to you. 

You will need:
Scalpel knife
Cutting mat
Clear PVC
Lace trim
Press studs buttons
Sewing machine
Glue or spray mount

First wipe the PVC clean of dust as this will make it easier to work with. Measure out the desired size of your clutch. I use an existing one to model, measure four folds of the length of the clutch like the image above. Leave an inch or two on the sides for sewing. Cut the PVC with scalpel and ruler on the cutting mat.

Then cut 1/4 of the PVC length and keep separate. The separate piece will be the front flap of the clutch. Cut the lace and place exactly how you want on the clutch and stick them in place with spray mount. Then to the sewing machine we go! Sew the separate piece to 1/3 of the rest of the material. Then lace trap inside sew up all four sides and you front flap is done.

Flip the clutch over (so the previously seperate piece is facing down) and fold the other end to meet in the middle, the fold will be bottom of the clutch. Sew the two sides and you have a clutch! I finish off with press studs button that I tried to glue but it wasn't secure enough so I sew it on instead. Bamm!