Friday, 31 August 2012

DIY: Perspex Necklace

Hi guys. It's been awhile, hope you are all doing well. As awesome as the Olympic was I for one am looking forward to things turning back to normalcy. Just got back from holiday!! Mexico was fun and met some really great people but now back to the nitty gritty...well...this is actually a really cool project I have been waiting to upload.

Walking pass Kibiri I saw a perspex and silver necklace sitting pretty in the cabinet window. The necklace was by Cabinet. Cabinet is the creation of Gemma Critchley and Zara Braganca, takes pride in working with highly skilled trade’s people in Britain. This piece stood out to me. I love the contrast of precious materials with sharp perspex giving it an exciting modern twist.

So I then went home and draw out some shapes on Illustrator and send the files to a laser cut place in east London. Weeks later I finally got them back. So I guess this is half DIY? If only I have a laser cut machine in my basement...probably bridging all the heath and safely rules.

You will only need two jump rings as I already added all the holes I need in all my pieces. The perspex is blue on the edges (adds a cool glow).

With my trusty industrial glue I attached some found gems onto the perspex. Careful not to put too much on.

Wait for the glue to dry and its done. You can wipe it with a cloth to get rid of dust and maybe sand down the edges to avoid poking yourself when wearing it. This piece can be paired with a plain shirt or dress as they will stand out more. I also made a few in different colours.


Friday, 22 June 2012

DIY: Geode Jewellery

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been absent in the blog world for a while. I have been busy make some new things etc. I have been meaning to update this post for a while now so here it is. This DIY is so easy and fast. l love geode rocks as they are rough but sparkly and close up looks like stalactites caves. I glued on the miniature people I had left from my resin project on the inside. Turn the rock face down and spray paint  it gold (as the colour of the natural rock looks a bit like molds) wait for the paint to dry and stick on a blank ring base. I did the same with the necklace in stead of the ring I attach a jump ring on top of the rock and loop chain through.



Thursday, 21 June 2012

“Larger Than Life”

Vincent Bousserez for Louis Vuitton.

Vincent Bousserez, Paris-based photographer, depicts an imagined world in a Louis Vuitton store. I mean I thought Toy Story was pretty cool bringing toys to life but theses miniature people are in Louis Vuitton! These plastic people play in an LV store at night. They golf, they garden, they sunbathe and they do their daily work. The enlarge high-definition scale really shows the small detail with LV Epi leather, signature monogram, glossy hardware of LV products while efforlessly emerge you into a fantasy world. I absolutely love their latest campaign...good things really do come in small (luxury leather and fine metal) Louis Vuitton packages. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rock On


Some things are better left unrefined. Back in the 70's hippie wore uncut stones dangled from frayed string or perched on fingers. Designers like Karl Lagerfeld are taking the earthy rock to more luxurious heights. The geode jewelry trend can come at a price but replica stones are an easy alternative. A rock lined with crystals that accrues in nature are something to be admired...can't resist anything sparkly!

Chanel AW12

 Manik Mercian for Dion Lee

Saturday, 9 June 2012

DIY: Embellished Tights


Tights are my go-to staple in winter but nude tights I think are great for warmer weather also. For some people that don't want to go completely bare legs  they are great to covering up without being covered up. I got these assorted plastic pearls on eBay, they have nice pastel colours and many different shapes. Tights are a delicate material and extremely elastic so sew with care. I find them easiest to sew while I have them on as it stretches nicely though a few prickling is unavoidable. If the tights are new you can keep the rectangle cardboard on and sew with that. Embellishments can be done on opaque, sheer, coloured or pattern tights to get different effects. I use nude so that the pearls stand out more.

*Also not a good idea to work on your bed...beads everywhere! ...but I like to be comfy

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Leg It

I like a dash of sparkle in everyday look. Especially an area that is usually left plain. Wearing of tights has a history going back several centuries, when they were worn by men. Now worn by women to keep the legs and feet warm and hide physical imperfections or as formal wear. In the 1920s, as hemlines of dresses rose, women began to wear stockings to cover the exposed legs. Tights and stockings are associated with sex appeal, my guess is something to do with the silky nylon. Basically women make tights sexy....sorry guys.

Chanel spring couture 2012

 bebaroque tights



Dolce & Gabbana AW12


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

DIY: Pearls Studded Shirt


The denim shirt is from American apparel. It is a nice khaki that gives it a utilitarian vibe different form the usual denim shirts I have. I bleached the top half slightly to reveal a slight brown undertone.  I think this will make a good base for where I want to add the pearls.

I use bigger size pearls on top and scatter them down to smaller sizes. You will want to mark where you want the pearls.  I like them to look more random than equally spaced. Each beads are applied individually as the spaces are too far apart so make sure you make a very secure knot on each one.
I don't have many selection of coloured thread otherwise I would use the same colour as the light gray will have to do for this.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

DIY: Pearls Collar Dress

This is my favorite dress at the moment if only the weather is nice enough to wear. I added a touch of pearly sparkles on the collar. Really quick to do using continuous  thread to sew pearls on a row at a time. Make sure not to go through the back of the material when I sew. Also marking where your beads go does make this easier and more accurate.