Saturday, 14 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery 3

I can't stop! this stuff is addictive...but I promise this is the last..for awhile anyway. Though this one I'm really happy with. I have freakishly small wrist but I love chunky bangles. They are a must on beachy holiday, the way they make clanking sound as you walk. But sadly they don't make them small enough, there are child's size bracelet available but..that's just not cool. Can't wait to wear it on holiday x

Marble effect - made by adding white powder to make the resin cloudy and stir in metallic flakes.

Time piece - Half layer of clear resin embedded with watch pieces and gems. Other half ombre in pink and orange.

Beach - Bottom layer of assorted metallic. All clear resin embedded with miniature figures and infused slightly with blue ink. 

Fluro floral - Clear layer of resin and infused neon pink layer then resin roses beads.

Note: All my hand made resin are filed down with sand paper to avoid sharp edges. Make sure the sand paper is wet as it is unhealthy to inhale powdered resin. Then give the sanded side a coat of clear nail polish to restore the shine.

Friday, 13 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery 2

Following the last test run here is another try. Because the mould are pebble shapes I decided, how about a beach theme? Using small Layout People Figures...they are so tiny and cute...with assorted golden beads to replicate sand. Now I have a set of jewellery inhabited with sand weird...but I love them!

Colour can be used in resin to create many interesting effect. You can use liquid or powder form dye and they come in both translucent and opaque. I have experiment with a few liquid type like fabric and acrylic dye which are both translucent. The powder ones on the image above are opaque dyes and I'm excited to try them because they are so vibrant and against clear resin would give it a solid contrast.

Step: 1 Mix small amount of resin with no colour and pour into an empty mould. Only fill each 1/2 way up. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Step: 2 Come back to check. The desired state of resin is most link gel consistency, I test it with a toothpick if it sticks a little its ready. Arrange the pieces of figurines and beads where you want baring in mind the front will be facing down. Push them in slightly and leave to set for another 10 minute. This process is to set things where they should be and not move around when you add the next layer of resin  

Step: 3 Mix some clear resin first in two separate cups. Add blue powder to one cup and yellow to another. The amount depend on how strong and opaque you want so start small and keep adding. Make sure to mix well otherwise they will show up in spots of colour.

Step: 4 Pouring from opposite sides of each mould simultaneously the two colours and let them set. The colour will seep into each other while setting to give it a subtle blend.

And what I did next...

Drill a whole for necklace

Glue it to hair band

Glue onto rings and hair clips

Thursday, 12 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery

So I have been busy this week making some resin stuff! I use resin before for other projects and it is a useful medium to experiment with as it sets crystal clear. Somehow you will never get the same effect twice which make each piece an original(ish). Resin is quite toxic and messy so make sure you work in a well ventilated area and wear gloves at all times. You can get resin form many craft shops or even hardware shops. I would recommend ones especially for making jewellery as they are UV resistant (they don't turn yellow over time). They are many effects you can achieve all you need is good timing as they set you can use this to make layers and depth.  Resin Obsession has a lot of information if you like to learn more. So here is my test run.

You will need:

Clear casting resin and catalyst
(make sure it says clear as they come in different types according to use)
Syringe for measuring catalyst
Disposable cups
Mixing sticks
Jewellery moulds
Small beads and found objects

So I use about 125ml of resin to 8 drops of catalyst and mix well in a cup careful not to stir vigorously as this will cause bubbles in the resin. This is a common problem but most bubbles will rise though some do get trap so make sure you pour gently into the mould and use tooth pick to move around trap air. This takes about 30 minute to set. Setting time depends on amount of resin, catalyst, mould type and temperature. I leave it to set in room temperature and wait for 12 hours and it is ready to de-mould. Test it by touching on the surface lightly if it leaves finger print its not ready yet. Leave to cure for about a week to get rid of the resin smell and its ready to rock! 


Beads, hundred and thousands, watch parts and crystals imbedded in resin. I made it into hair clips and earrings. I think they will also look good as buttons.

Resin Jewellery

Kenzo fall 2012 inspired this post. With a show of 50 models, under new creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (from Opening Ceremony),  took over Kenzo in July looking to restore this heritage label. I always have a strange obsession with clear casting resin so Kenzo's resin covered fruity and walnut jewellery caught my eyes.

Other inspirations

Marni Resin bracelet at

Resin and tea bangles by Claire Lowe

Fragmented Chronicles by Shannnam

Pokka Dot Resin Bangle,

Rosella Resin Jewelry