Saturday, 14 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery 3

I can't stop! this stuff is addictive...but I promise this is the last..for awhile anyway. Though this one I'm really happy with. I have freakishly small wrist but I love chunky bangles. They are a must on beachy holiday, the way they make clanking sound as you walk. But sadly they don't make them small enough, there are child's size bracelet available but..that's just not cool. Can't wait to wear it on holiday x

Marble effect - made by adding white powder to make the resin cloudy and stir in metallic flakes.

Time piece - Half layer of clear resin embedded with watch pieces and gems. Other half ombre in pink and orange.

Beach - Bottom layer of assorted metallic. All clear resin embedded with miniature figures and infused slightly with blue ink. 

Fluro floral - Clear layer of resin and infused neon pink layer then resin roses beads.

Note: All my hand made resin are filed down with sand paper to avoid sharp edges. Make sure the sand paper is wet as it is unhealthy to inhale powdered resin. Then give the sanded side a coat of clear nail polish to restore the shine.


  1. I love these!!! Where do you get your little people for the beach one?

    1. Hi! Thanks for asking, I got them on ebay. You can find loads of different ones for pretty cheap. x