Friday, 13 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery 2

Following the last test run here is another try. Because the mould are pebble shapes I decided, how about a beach theme? Using small Layout People Figures...they are so tiny and cute...with assorted golden beads to replicate sand. Now I have a set of jewellery inhabited with sand weird...but I love them!

Colour can be used in resin to create many interesting effect. You can use liquid or powder form dye and they come in both translucent and opaque. I have experiment with a few liquid type like fabric and acrylic dye which are both translucent. The powder ones on the image above are opaque dyes and I'm excited to try them because they are so vibrant and against clear resin would give it a solid contrast.

Step: 1 Mix small amount of resin with no colour and pour into an empty mould. Only fill each 1/2 way up. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Step: 2 Come back to check. The desired state of resin is most link gel consistency, I test it with a toothpick if it sticks a little its ready. Arrange the pieces of figurines and beads where you want baring in mind the front will be facing down. Push them in slightly and leave to set for another 10 minute. This process is to set things where they should be and not move around when you add the next layer of resin  

Step: 3 Mix some clear resin first in two separate cups. Add blue powder to one cup and yellow to another. The amount depend on how strong and opaque you want so start small and keep adding. Make sure to mix well otherwise they will show up in spots of colour.

Step: 4 Pouring from opposite sides of each mould simultaneously the two colours and let them set. The colour will seep into each other while setting to give it a subtle blend.

And what I did next...

Drill a whole for necklace

Glue it to hair band

Glue onto rings and hair clips

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