Thursday, 12 September 2013

DIY: Resin Jewellery

So I have been busy this week making some resin stuff! I use resin before for other projects and it is a useful medium to experiment with as it sets crystal clear. Somehow you will never get the same effect twice which make each piece an original(ish). Resin is quite toxic and messy so make sure you work in a well ventilated area and wear gloves at all times. You can get resin form many craft shops or even hardware shops. I would recommend ones especially for making jewellery as they are UV resistant (they don't turn yellow over time). They are many effects you can achieve all you need is good timing as they set you can use this to make layers and depth.  Resin Obsession has a lot of information if you like to learn more. So here is my test run.

You will need:

Clear casting resin and catalyst
(make sure it says clear as they come in different types according to use)
Syringe for measuring catalyst
Disposable cups
Mixing sticks
Jewellery moulds
Small beads and found objects

So I use about 125ml of resin to 8 drops of catalyst and mix well in a cup careful not to stir vigorously as this will cause bubbles in the resin. This is a common problem but most bubbles will rise though some do get trap so make sure you pour gently into the mould and use tooth pick to move around trap air. This takes about 30 minute to set. Setting time depends on amount of resin, catalyst, mould type and temperature. I leave it to set in room temperature and wait for 12 hours and it is ready to de-mould. Test it by touching on the surface lightly if it leaves finger print its not ready yet. Leave to cure for about a week to get rid of the resin smell and its ready to rock! 


Beads, hundred and thousands, watch parts and crystals imbedded in resin. I made it into hair clips and earrings. I think they will also look good as buttons.

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