Friday, 31 August 2012

DIY: Perspex Necklace

Hi guys. It's been awhile, hope you are all doing well. As awesome as the Olympic was I for one am looking forward to things turning back to normalcy. Just got back from holiday!! Mexico was fun and met some really great people but now back to the nitty gritty...well...this is actually a really cool project I have been waiting to upload.

Walking pass Kibiri I saw a perspex and silver necklace sitting pretty in the cabinet window. The necklace was by Cabinet. Cabinet is the creation of Gemma Critchley and Zara Braganca, takes pride in working with highly skilled trade’s people in Britain. This piece stood out to me. I love the contrast of precious materials with sharp perspex giving it an exciting modern twist.

So I then went home and draw out some shapes on Illustrator and send the files to a laser cut place in east London. Weeks later I finally got them back. So I guess this is half DIY? If only I have a laser cut machine in my basement...probably bridging all the heath and safely rules.

You will only need two jump rings as I already added all the holes I need in all my pieces. The perspex is blue on the edges (adds a cool glow).

With my trusty industrial glue I attached some found gems onto the perspex. Careful not to put too much on.

Wait for the glue to dry and its done. You can wipe it with a cloth to get rid of dust and maybe sand down the edges to avoid poking yourself when wearing it. This piece can be paired with a plain shirt or dress as they will stand out more. I also made a few in different colours.


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