Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Americana

 Hipsters eat your heart out! The trend that we've seen recently, is the American flag is on the rise just as it was reminiscent of Japan's fever. The statement piece of the country is showing up EVERY WHERE. It’s as apropos at a Nascar rally as it is in a fashion spread, worn by many celebrities. It is, perhaps, one of the boldest ways you can demonstrate your patriotism. Ralph out!

Flag apparel has always resided in a special place in the American wardrobe, verging between classic and tacky and this summer, with the Olympics coming up, we’re bound to see a lot more of it. Showing up on everything from nails to shoes to dresses, this trend is taking over. It’s so easy to ware. Pair it with bright shades, denim and a red lip a la Rihanna or go rock chick with some tough leather. This is certainly a trend that everyone can afford.

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