Saturday, 7 June 2014

Festival Guide

Coachella may have been and gone in LA but here in London summer is just getting started! My favourite season is almost here and I'm sure many of you have plans for music festivals whether here or abroad. Here are my festival guide/ideas for this festival season. I have no doubt you will be seeing all the cool kids in 90's everything! Nineties grunge, pretty, rave or urban..whatever suits your persona. There will be mini hair buns, Bindis, elastic chokers, crop tops, basically anything Gwen Stefani would wear in her No Doubt days. Pastel hair and hair chalk will probably make another comeback from last year and if Coachella is any indication expect to see kimono jackets, tribal jewellery and the all time festive staple, fringing.

When it comes to music festivals practicality is key. There's a lot of dancing, sitting in fields and multiple trips to scuzzy portable loos. Its mostly outdoors so there's no predicting the weather. Don't be fooled by what the celebs wear at festival as most likely they have VIP areas where things are very very different. I've compiled a mood board below, some Do's and Don't tips and some inspiration pieces for this year's summer of music and fun. Don't worry I got cha ☼☀😌

Festival Do's

Do your hair up, yes I'm talking to you dancing hair flickers! Braids are a good idea to keep hair off your face (and others) for when its hot, sweaty and its low maintenance for an all day event. Head scarfs are great for hiding messy or greasy hair, there's many ways to tie it an be sure to get a fun pattern. I'm all for pastels hair its young fun and fresh and doesn't have to be permanent. Hat its great for sun cover up a chic trilby or an edgy cap. Make up can be as crazy as you like…its only a few times in a year you can wear glitter and crazy fake lashes without looking too strange. Make sure to bring lip balm or lipgloss for a top-up. Wear comfortable clothes and simple layers, like a jacket or shirt you can wear if its cold or tie around your waist. Rain coat is becoming popular, get a clear pvc or bold colour waterproof parka for a nod to the nineties. Body con dresses, tunics, and shorts are my go to shapes as I find them less of a hassle than jeans or leggings. Choose light fabric that won't wrinkle and be bold and expressive with pattens and colours. Pack your bags well but keep it small to the essentials. My essentials are money, ID, lip balm, tickets, phone, tissues, wipes and perfume (last three are portable loos' survival kit). Those would normally fit in a bumbag. If you have more stuff then bring a backpack or cross body bag so you can have your hands free. Comfortable footwear is important, consider the terrain, if its muddy wear wellies and if its dusty or dirty you would be safer with trainers. Remember to keep well hydrated and remember to eat….umm festival food is like the main attraction really.

Festival Don't

If you want to avoid looking basic and falling into the clichés then here are few examples of stuff to avoid. Cut-off denim shorts, no matter if they're ombre, studded, painted or whatever custom job has been done to it….its still same same. Flower crowns and indian head dress, Ahh every year, I know its pretty and what girl doesn't like flowers in their hair? Exactly that, every teen will be doing it so resist the temptation. I know I have mentioned 90's is in but avoid the obvious referencing like Bindis, tied plaid shirt, hair twists and chokers. If you must do 90's maybe try neon fluff, iridescent or metallic fabric or kitchy sequin design (like Jeramy Scott's Fall 11 collection). White is also in but I wound't because its likely to get dirty. If you're pale SPF is a must for all day sun exposure. No fake piercings,  bikinis, excessive feathers and fringing and things that are too long and frilly. I'm on the fence about unitard and one-piece, one hand it seems easy but on the other hand you will need to be complete naked to use the toilet…basically consider avoiding things you will have trouble going to the toilet in confined space in. Nothing too valuable, vintage Chanel will have to stay at home. Heels and or open toe shoes are not a wise choice unless you're not planning to move much or don't mind your toes being used as floor cushions. Don't bring bulky bags or backpack that will obstruct other people from having a good time. And the most important don't is: Don't take it too seriously! Have fun and don't care too much about what people think. Wear whatever gets you into the party mood and own it!

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