Saturday 9 June 2012

DIY: Embellished Tights


Tights are my go-to staple in winter but nude tights I think are great for warmer weather also. For some people that don't want to go completely bare legs  they are great to covering up without being covered up. I got these assorted plastic pearls on eBay, they have nice pastel colours and many different shapes. Tights are a delicate material and extremely elastic so sew with care. I find them easiest to sew while I have them on as it stretches nicely though a few prickling is unavoidable. If the tights are new you can keep the rectangle cardboard on and sew with that. Embellishments can be done on opaque, sheer, coloured or pattern tights to get different effects. I use nude so that the pearls stand out more.

*Also not a good idea to work on your bed...beads everywhere! ...but I like to be comfy

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  1. I like this decor. Such a huge work was done. I have made my own diy kind od faster but it's simplier, because the jewellery part was big enough already. Do more DIY decoration ) (