Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Uterqüe Overshirt Lust

Uterqüe is a company owned by the Spanish Inditex group dedicated to manufacturing fashion accessories and a carefully-selected clothing line in top- quality fabrics and leather. I came across the brand on instagram and love the kind of outfit posts they do. The leather and suede overskirt they have this season is perfectly tran-sesonal and chic. Their footwear are also full of on trend and more importantly comfortable platforms like brogued blucher, track sole slip-on, bluckled platform blucher and ankle boots. Both height and comfort, bliss! WEBSITE

Collarless beige suede overskirt £245.00

Perforated nappa leather overshirt £245.00

Collarless green suede overskirt £245.00

Navy blue overshirt £245.00

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