Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Your Backpack Personality

The bag you tend to gravitate towards may say more about you than you think. Just as the clothes make the man, the handbag make the woman. This post is just for fun, its my idea of what a certain bag says about the owner. Some read palms, some read stars, I like to read handbags. Or in this case, backpacks specifically. Inspired by Mulberry's Carascope quiz for the Cara Delevingne's bag collection. You don't have to be going back to school to appreciate backpacks, they're becoming a bit of a phonomanon. Top designers are experimenting with new shapes and style of adult backpacks with sleek, often luxe styles done in grown-up materials including leather, shearling and ponyskin. For those who's not fully ready to commit and let go of the handbag, there's the top handle backpacks, part satchel part backpack. You can rest it on you arm, hold it like a handbag, one strap on your shoulder or two strapping old school style. Choose one you like and find out what they may say about you...

Mulberry Cara quilted Nappa Bag

You most likely own a black brow pencil or two and likes to make quirky poses in pictures (but pretty at the same time) because you're so silly and you just don't care. Comfort is more important than standing out but by no means are you passive or plain. You like being very British, Tea drinking, biscuit dunking and wellies wearing British who most likely owned a horse or is a proficient rider. You read Tattler, enjoys Sex And The City themed brunch and always have a great blowout. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli backpack

You're versatile and sophisticated at work but knows how to party comes night time. You have the kind of girly chic charm about you. You don't get into the hype of mainstream trends but you're a contemporary woman with a strong sense of self and personal style. You like things scandi and Normcore e.g. COS and & Other stories, minimalist, clean and refined. Your stylish effort is effortless. There's so much monochrome in your wardrobe that it's impossible to find the exact shade of black you're looking for.

Alexander Wang Dumbo backpack

People better not mess with you, you're one tough chick. The weight of the studs on your bag may effect your long term orthopedic health but that doesn't fear you the slightest. YOLO. You always speak your mind and even though strangers may be intimidated by you, your friends know you're a softy at heart. You have an edgy style, slighty androgynous and most likely own a pair of Acne or Rag&Bone booties. You have enough leather jackets for everyday of the week.


Stella McCartney The Falabella faux brushed-leather backpack

Yes, we know you're a vegan. You're easy going but passionate about the environment and make a conscious effort to eat clean and support local farmers. You're first in-line for a cold press juice, you have weekly subcription to Goop and your Instagram is mostly of yoga poses and gluten free recipes. Your gentle and kind hearted nature inspire people to lead a better life. Though you have likely been arrested in the past for protesting for animal rights.

Proenza Schouler PS leather backpack

You lead a busy life, so you need a bag that fits seamlessly into any situation. You appreciate classic good looks and prefer to invest your hard-earned cash in a high-quality handbag You hate clutter and are all about quality, not quantity, in every aspect of your life you want a bag that will see you through the years. You're wardrobe is colour co-ordinated and you're house is feng shui-ed. You're trust worthy and loyal and people look to you for advice.


Chanel Grafitti print backpack

You're most likely a successful fashion blogger and who has a shrine of Coco Chanel. You're the trend setter, creative and fun. Where you go people follow and what you wear people imitate. You live an exclusive lifestyle and know the right people. You have a chauffeur but sometimes like to walk about places to appear more relatable. Your work causes you to jet set around the world so you need comfortable yet lavish pair of Giuseppe Zanotti hi-top wedge trainers to go with your bag. 

Louis Vuitton Bosphore monogram canvas backpack

You're super excited to have your first designer bag, it was a Louis Vuitton and you never let go of what you love. You're starting to feel self-conscious that monogram bag might be played out, but you're a ride or die kind of chick. You appreciate things from the olden days, it gives you a sense of historical pride and you adore vintage clothing. You frequently visit galleries, love to explore European cities while taking cityscape pictures on your secondhand SLR. 

Moschino Biker jacket backpack

You have a wicked sense of humour that people seem to gravitate towards. Your kooky and wild fashion not only turn heads but also make people wonder about your mental state. Kitch is your nickname (your real name is probably Sailor Moon). Barbie was not only your favourite toy but she's your fashion guru. You were born wearing Hello Kitty and your closet looked like a unicorn threw up all over it. You live in a world separate form everyone else.

Grafea Rose leather rucksack

This modern classic structure is for you's with an E something postcode. You enjoy drinks at the pub but your 'The Cambridge' satchel bag was too awkward to carry your pint and a rollie at the same time, so you upgraded. You enjoy Sundays strolling at the farmers market while your DJ boyfriend is gigging in Berlin.  You love to scavenge for pop-up shops to find hidden gems that expresses your Tokyo meets grunge street vibe. The Guardian is how you keep your finger on the pulse.

That's it guys. Hope I've been accurate but please take it with a pinch of salt. I'm no expert at this, its just for fun x

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