Thursday, 6 November 2014

Statement Coats

I'm not going to pretend this post is about anything more than a collection of coats that I like. Trench and parkas has become British favourites rainwear this year. Trench coat is a great tran-sesonal piece, classic and smart for work. While parkas have become popular with sporty trend for a dressed down, off for a run or around town on weekends. London climate it pretty much cold most of the time so Londoners pretty much live in coats, am I right? I mean apart from those brave souls we see bared legs in heels come rain or snow, but most of us like to be cosy while getting to places. I think its a good idea to invest in a good statement coat. Usually I'm all about high street stuff but if there's two things worth splurging on, those are bags and coats. Ok, may be shoes too. Three things. Problems with high street coat is that, its great value and on trend but you're likely to see someone else in the same coat or similar ones from Zara or Topshop and come next season the once fashionable would seem dated and possibly missing a button somewhere. The difference between quality matters in coats as its something you're likely to wear a lot and needs to stand through wear and tear. Here are some of my standout favourites from the this spring summer runway.

A good coat will last you a life time. I don't mean go out and buy a Fendi fur coat with your three months's wage. I suggest when looking for a new coat think less about trends, go for a more classic style black coat or something that completely stands out on it own. Vintage is a good place to start, you know its good quality if it last through the decades, its unique and possibly has a great story behind it. Boutique brands are also great place to look, in theory they're not so mass produced therefor less chance of spotting the same coat. Consider things like, colours, pattern, embellishments or a flattering cut. Lately I've been itching to get a good satin or metallic coat. Medi and maxi coats are also popular now. I have selected a few coats that will guarantee to turn heads while keeping you warm and without bleeding you wallet dry. You can buy any of these online and the links are below. Enjoy!

1.  M.N Alush  Emerald dangling cape  £232 from
2.  Michael Michael Kors Belted black & white trench coat  £299 from
3.  Raquel Allegra Cotton-twill coat  £475 from
4.  Ainea Zig-zag pattern lurex coat  £286.00 from
5.  Rejina Pyo Cocoon back panelled silk coat  SALE £225 from
6.  Ted Lapidue Vintage Shiny trench coat  £260 from
7.  P.A.R.O.S.H. Satin Jacquard full-length jacket  £202 from
8.  YMC Black & navy panel mac coat  £275 from
9.  Maison Scotch Check pattern coat  £195 from
10.Minus Cianna Animal Leo coat  £180

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