Friday, 27 April 2012

DIY: Pattern Yoke Jacket

This project was the most challenging one so far. As I'm not a dress maker and have never went to fashion school...I do what I do best..make it up as I go along. Though I am sure there are tutorials on YouTube for this. I think this is a nice way to use scrap material or even an old scarf. Also you can use other fabric like lace, coloured denim, leather but I find 100% cotton easiest to work with because it's cheap and doesn't stretch much. You will need no more than a meter square fabric, I only used half a meter. If you can drape it to cover your shoulders then it enough material.

First I marked, on the wrong side of the fabric with with a trickmarker, where I want the pattern on the yoke. You will have two pieces for the front and a long strip on the back. Trace around the original stitches of your shirt. Then cut around the shape drawn on your fabric with 2" seam allowance. Then fold and crease the edges down with an iron. Now you have your patches ready to pin on to your shirt. Before that I did a quick tacking stitch on all three pieces to keep the edges in place. When you pin make sure you are as accurate as you can be for a neater result. It is tricky to pin on the shoulders so be patient.

Then with a sewing machine I stitched all around ,as nearest to the edge as the foot of the machine will let you. Then with needle and thread I go around the edges again with a slip stitch to make sure the edges don't rise up and also it looks more tidy. And there you have it. One of a kind shirt! You can do this all by hand stitching if you want in case you want to remove the pattern in the future, this way there's less damage to the garment. This is a good summer trans-seasonal piece.

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