Sunday, 12 October 2014

Faux Real!

Yes guys. I'm afraid to say it but summer is over and winter is creeping in. Time to remove your holiday hats and sandals out of your wardrobe and into a bag labeled 'summer clothes'. Don't be sad though winter has its perks. You can now start layering and forgetting about bikini bodies and have a warm cup of cocoa curl your feet in comfy boots. Start looking forward to fall holidays. See, there you go...not all bad huh?

Talks of cosy and warm, winter without fur is like summer without shorts. Faux fur trend is so strong this A/W you will not be able to turn anywhere without getting fluff stuck on your lip gloss. Faux is now not a shameful word in fashion or a cheaper version of the real thing anymore. It's guilt free fashion with no fear of being attacked by PETA with the bonus also being affordable-ish (as more fashion designers are now going faux the price with likely increase). Up and coming British designers like Charlotte Simone and Shrimps have found the niche in this market and have created some crazy cool stuff for us to lust over. From big shaggy coats, scarves, cute collars, clutch and as previously blogged, keychians. These are all furry must haves!       

Shrimps  London-based designer Hannah Weiland serves up faux fur creations with an irresistible sense of fun. Fall14 collection is inspired by the pop art collages of Eduardo Paolozzi and British cartoons. These boxy shapes and colour block lines can be paired with silk pj's or feminine dresses.

British based designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone in 2011. Charlotte sought to reinvent the everyday scarf, designed the unique 'fur hood' that has become her trademark piece. Charlotte Simone aims to develop a variety of new shapes and textures with an ultimate focus on ‘reinventing the scarf’. The Popsicle scarf is now among celebs favorites. 

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