Friday, 10 October 2014

Fluffy Friends

Hi! TGIF! I'm back this week talking about my new micro (literally) obsession. After absorbing in all the fashion week's great ideas and creations around the world I have so much materials to write about. So stay tuned. Enough about that though this post is about fluff...specifically on your bag. Designer handbags are no longer stand alone pieces of luxury accessories. You can now accessorize your accessories!? Well this is not exactly and brand new trend. We've been attaching cute things like My Little Pony and Hello Kitty toys on our backpack since we were children. Nothing has changed, it's still a great way to give bags your personalities be it through tassels, pom poms or mascots. It can bring a plain bag to life or a way of updating an old handbag.  Beware these furry friends on the runway like Fendi's Karlito and Monsters don't come cheap!

But don't worry there are some affordable examples I have found too. They're all faux fur so no fluffy friends were harmed during the process. You're welcome!

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