Saturday, 13 June 2015

Palm Culture : The Logo

Hi guys and girlies I'm very excited to announce my new but lifelong vision for my very own fashion label!! This site will still be my baby and I'm still dedicated to keeping you all informed on all things fashion but I thought it would be fun to take you all on this journey with me. I will document the steps my brand will take and hopefully become a real company one day. Not sure what direction the clothing will take form but for now I'm working on name and logo of my brand. Time to put my graphic design skill to use.

I have been playing around with the name PALM. Being born in Thailand, the house I grew up in were surrounded by palm trees, of different shape and sizes. The trees would grew big and strong and provided shade for otherwise a hot tropical climate. This would be the core of my brand as it represent the strength and growth I hope for my brand to become while staying rooted to my ethics and my consumers. Upon research into the name, Palm trees in many cultures were symbols of love, peace and fertility, also one of the strongest rooted trees that can withstand storms and tsunamis. This meaning seems fitting for the women my brand will cater to.

Palm as a stand alone name has already been taken (surprise). So I was toying with a few variations : Palm Society; Palm Generation; Palm Collective; Palm People etc. Here are some of my logo ideas.


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