Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Palm Culture : The garments

Hi! Here's an update on Palm Culture...

The most indecisive process so far seems to be my range plan, I must have drafted about 4 different versions on this. As the first collection the range of items will not be as vast as I would have liked but it's good to have a clear ideas so its easier to work out cost and materials. I will be looking into manufacturer for these items. I'm still contemplating on the production of yoga mats, this is depending on research into the market demand, might be looking to inclined them in a later collection. What I hope to achieve from this 'Sample collection' are complete outfits that can be mix and match. I have limit to one original print patten and will see how well it does then there will be possibility to design more. There will be 8 basic colour swatches with 4 colour combinations/options. The combinations are not fixed yet but I will only be looking at four options out of the eight swatches for now.   

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