Sunday, 14 June 2015

Palm Culture : The Brand Value

I'm launching my own fashion label. It's such a scary thought doing something like this, alone and no one to blame if this doesn't work out but it has been a life long dream and no time is as good as the present. Starting out this journey solo I know won't be easy and this may take time, there will be people who make me doubt myself but I'm going to stay strong and see it through.

Narrowing down on from last post, I have decided on the name Palm Culture, it gives a sense of togetherness and unity. As yoga has always been a favourite past time of mine, well more like a habit as I practice Ashtanga daily. I discovered yoga by accident. I must admit I fall into the cliches of non yogis who thought that yoga was about hippies who gather to chant and meditate to Indian music and gongs. I have always been interested in fitness and use it as a form of distress and my local gym had free yoga classes. I went because my personal trainer said it was great for stretching and relaxes sore muscles. After the class my mind felt calm and my body relaxed, which was a slightly different than the hyper but exhausted feeling I get from gym workout. I then spoke about it with my friend who was doing yoga regularly and she suggested i tried hot yoga class, then that became Bikram and Vinyasa flow and eventually Ashtanga. Then three years past and I'm still amaze that I can find the strength to go everyday, do the same sequences and still never felt bored. I have felt the difference in my body and mind since I stared yoga and will continue on this path and make it part of my daily life.

For this brand concept I though why not combine my two passion and really make something out of it. Then all of a sudden Palm Culture began to have a purpose. I live in Chelsea and my studio is Triyoga on the Kings Road. I see women of Chelsea come here every morning always well dressed, not overdone but defiantly refined. I became interested in what they wear and the idea began as I see there's a market for yoga clothing. The clothes I see are not your everyday Nike tee or your old gym shorts. They have high price tags and advance material and sports technology. These women care about fit, style and function. Leggings will have leg zips, stirrups feet, tummy shaping bands and tops will have built in bras, accent hems and fitted shapes. Possibilities are endless and exciting to me. The market is niche but vastly becoming popular. Yoga wear market already exists and its competitive. Most studios have a separate store stocking few brands of athletic wear for impulse buyers before or after class and big sports wear brands are noticing this gap in retail.

Palm Culture will position it self strategically. We will provide Ready-to-Wear, contemporary apparel & accessories such as Vests, tee shirts, bras, leggings and socks with unique patterns and great comfort for women at a reasonable price. Specify in active wear for women who do Yoga and Pilates. Palm Culture customer is an independent fashion concerns twenty to forty something women looking for something not form the high street but for the competitive price of high street brands. With so many excising sportswear brands like Nike, Lululemon and Adidas dominating the athletic wear market, with their logo plastered across their garments it seems we end up wearing the brand rather than the brand representing us. Palm Culture will have the costumer in mind, caring for what the costumer really wants, they should never leave the store/site feeling like they have not found something that fits their needs. We want to also cater to women who have busy schedule and may want clothes that they can workout in and do daily errands or lounge around comfortably after.

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