Sunday, 6 May 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim spring12



Ever wondered what you get when you mix two lazy afternoon nostalgic items like Sorbet and kite together? Hmm neither have I...but Phillip Lim did. His spring collection was a tribute to his childhood spending his day flying kites. Models struts triangle shapes and loose stripes of garments hanging and flutters swiftly in the air much like a kite in the sky. The pale sherbet palette evokes colours washed out by hours in the sun. Collection has a subtle sporty reference like drawstrings, and hoods. it explores further of his geometric minimalism flair seen last season. From making his own kite as a child he is aware of the balance of the airy fabric and tension and weight. The lightweight silk and chiffon tanks and pants often juxtaposed with heavy woven cotton outerwear. All together gives a casual cool uniform unlike many crazy prints we have been seeing this spring. 

The simplicity and basic nature of the collection may not necessary make you stand out or heads turn. Until you see that some garments can be convert into bags and totes! By well hidden zippers clothing becomes practical accessory this shows innovation in the simplicity just like a kite.


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