Thursday, 10 May 2012

DIY: Gradient Purse

I liked something in Zara but I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to buying it yet. Don't you get annoyed when by the time you ponder and decide to buy go back and it's sold out? Why does their stockist not cater to MY indecisiveness? This is the item in question :

It's part suede part patent. What I like about it is the simplicity and soft gradient, as if you dipped it in slick oil.  There is also a tote version still in stock and also one in grey. Reminds me of Theysken's Theory's wedges.

I made my own version of the clutch. Not my best DIY work but it might be a start of something better. The tricky part is having to find a plain bag that is the right size and colour. I brought mine on ebay for £4.70 and the Zara one is £70. It would be nice if it was bigger. I also saw American Apperal medium pouch for £40 that will be great for this.

This is what the original bag looks like...

The studs and the strap really hurts my eyes. I can not imagine who would wear this and why such a small pouch needed a strap. But the leather is soft and the colour is perfect. I thought about removing the studs but fearing marks the studs have made on the leather.

Step 1: Cut off the strap. Cover your work as this might get messy. Start painting the bag with black suede dye. Make sure you use plenty of dye to really cover the suede. I didn't tape the edge as I want to blend the dye upwards instead of a neat line. This works better when the brush is slightly dry. I did two coats of this on both sides.

Step 2: Wait till the paint drys. Brush on  a thin coat of gloss gel. I got this years ago for painting but this gel is fairly versatile. It works as a gel medium to create a glossy texture. It's quite pricy, I brought mine from London Graphic Center for £10 but they do last a long time.

Step 3: Apply a thin even coat of gel. Don't be scared that it looks white as this will dry clear. Repeat this step a few times but wait till each layer is dry to avoid uneven texture. Turn over and repeat on the other side. Leave over night to dry out completely while making sure its not touching any surfaces.

I prefer the back as I think the studs looks too busy. If I was to do it again I would make the gradient more noticeable and add a leather detail on the zip.

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