Monday, 7 May 2012

DIY: Embellished Collar

Hello bank holiday! This is my kind of Monday ☺....put on some good tunes and make something pretty. This DIY is one of the popular ones I see around. Though I have seen it for awhile, I have never embraces it fully as the button-up style doesn't suit me...but they look great on other people! Maybe there just wasn't one I love enough to suffocate my neck for. I brought this sheer blouse from Miss Selfridge. The Peter Pan collar is small its less intimidating for me. Because its such a feminine cut blouse I think beads embellished is more suited than studs. There are so many various versions of embellished collar out there both detachable collar, necklace collar and attached ones, you will have no problems drawing inspirations from. Here are a few of my favorites :

Erickson Beamon Leather Stone Collar


Step 1: Glue on different shapes gems. I use gunmetal and silver flat back gems. You can order theses assorted gems for about £5 on ebay.  Place them with spaces apart and wait till the glue dries.

Step 2: Using several small beads and sew them to fill the spaces. Make sure you don't go through to the bottom of the collar when you sew.

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